Welcome to the N-TSIMEX TOP 4 activities!
    1. Supplier & Forwarder
    • Direct order using your own source, which we act as an intermediate.
    • Orders through our customer service, which we act as an supplier and exporter.
    • Different possibilities of handling contracts. 
    • Highest levels of service delivery and response
    • Maximum uptime guarantees
    • Timely accomplishment of contracts
    • Full support on your purchase through eBay

    2. Ticketing & Freight
    • 7 days ticketing service
    • Opportunities of settlement of freight charges in Local currency.
    • Usage of collective shipment to minimized your freight cost
    • Excess luggage managing on your checking

    3. Consulting & Source out
    • Pre-action consulting service
    • Source out service
    • to understand the buyer’s exact requirements and source suitable partners
    • oversee the entire contract/agreement from start to end
    • Building long term strategic partnership between the buyer and supplier.
    • Encouraging local businesses in Ethiopia of all sizes, with out any backgrounds and experience levels to join N-TSIMEX
    • practice of flexible Business agreements for your orders
    4. Product promotion
    • Represent any company to assist its trade show in Germany
    • Consulting – Foreign trade – Quality standard…
    • Product promoting
    • Trade fare presentation (participant) advise